A Delicious Dinner with Jambalaya Girl

Now at Publix! We teamed up with Jambalaya Girl for this post. This is sponsored content.

I have a thing for meal planning. I like to know what I will make each night of the week before I enter the grocery store on Monday morning. Time saving strategies are also important to me when it comes to meal prep because…kids. We were recently introduced to the Jambalaya Girl brand and I absolutely love it! We tried their Jambalaya Mix and it was delicious and affordable as well as quick and simple to prepare.

Where to Find Jambalaya Girl

The Jambalaya Girl brand can be found at your local Publix, where shopping is a pleasure (seriously, it really is). The Jambalaya Mix can be found in the rice and beans aisle. It is in their trademark yellow packaging to it is easy to spot. You can make just the rice without purchasing extra ingredients, but I was using the mix for a main course so I also purchased chicken breasts and turkey sausage (my hubby’s favorite). The mix is super affordable too! When we were shopping, Publix was selling them two for $4.00. One box makes the perfect amount for a family of four. If you have more mouths to feed or want leftovers (which you will), grab an extra box.


One of the best things about the Jambalaya Girl brand is that, in addition to the directions on the box, they offer additional recipes and prep methods on their website. I utilized this resource because I chose to make my jambalaya in the Instant Pot (directions with video here). The Instant Pot was the only pot/pan I used for the entree. I browned the sausage, cooked the chicken, and cooked the rice in it and then mixed everything together at the end. I did use a pan to roast some okra but that’s because I won’t serve a meal without a green vegetable. It only took me 30 minutes from the time I opened my ingredients until we were sitting down to dinner!! The next time I make this, I will use pulled rotisserie chicken to save even more time!

The smell when I opened the Instant Pot was amazing!

Its All About the Flavor!

Now, I am not a chef, but I have had Jambalaya in New Orleans and I can tell you that Jambalaya Girl’s finished product was as good or better than any Jambalaya I have ever eaten! The Jambalaya Girl blends are made in New Orleans so the flavor is authentic. It is not too spicy or salty so it caters to a variety of tastes (including those picky little ones). Our whole family loved it and we will absolutely make it again! But, I may have to try their Gumbo Mix first (found in the soup aisle)!

Sooooo yummy!