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With spring break upon us, all mothers are asking the same question: What am I going to do with the children for a whole week? Although not all mothers have the choice of being at home or taking vacations...
March is Women's History Month, and I am excited to have an extra reason to teach my girls about some amazing women who have come before us, blazing trails and making change. As the month approached, I set out...
I love holidays. I love celebrating with my family. I love making memories. I love starting new fun traditions with my little ones.  You get it. I LOVE all things holidays! That includes St. Patrick's Day. I didn't realize how much fun and...

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Join Our Writing Team! {Open Call for Birmingham Mom Collective Contributors}

Are you one of the next Birmingham Mom Collective contributors? Do you love writing and enjoy sharing your story with other moms? The BMC writing...
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