The Great Shift

My firstborn started middle school this year. Shortly after school started, he turned twelve years old. On the eve of his birthday I did the thing moms do when their babies approach another birthday; I mentally added up how...
I was at my son’s end-of-the-year kindergarten parent-teacher conference. “I think it would be wise to pursue testing for ADHD.” These were the words the teacher had just spoken. Really? I had heard words like that before. While in...

Simple Ways to Raise Readers

Growing up I didn't just like to read, I LOVED to read. I was the kid who was supposed to be cleaning my room or coming down to dinner, but instead I was reading. I never went anywhere without...

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Meet Dr. Jeff Flannery :: Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry

It has been a blast working with Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry since we launched, and they have been a true resource to our audience...