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It’s amazing what can be achieved when you find a dermatologist who knows what he’s doing, has a passion for his patients’ outcomes, and employs a staff full of people who feel the same way. Dr. Corey Hartman, the founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology, has been so kind to explain some of the tools in his arsenal to all of us at Birmingham Moms Blog, and now we get to share an insider’s look at BroadBand Light (BBL), a technology used to target signs of aging, sun damage, and other skin conditions. 

Asia Cordell, an aesthetician with Dr. Hartman’s practice, is an expert on BBL, and she was all too happy to tell us about this laser of youth, a treatment she uses personally on a monthly basis, and to which she attributes her own clear complexion.

What is BBL?

Forever Young BBL is noninvasive treatment that delivers BroadBand Light  to the dermis and epidermis. The treatment uses dual lamp technology to target redness, vessels, and pigmentation. While BBL is in the laser family, it uses scattered light with more passes at lower energy vs. old school treatments that used fewer passes at high energy, risking injury. 

Photo provided by Skin Wellness Dermatology

Who should consider BBL and how often?

BBL is one of those treatments where you’re never too young or too old to see results. Asia emphasized that signs of aging, particularly sun damage, begin to appear as early as the 20s. The official recommendation is to utilize BBL at least four times per year, but Asia says it’s the one thing she is sure to do monthly as part of her personal skin care protocol.

What do you need to know before scheduling?

Skin Wellness Dermatology is known for wanting to do what’s best for a patient to see positive results, and one thing Asia emphasized was that BBL can’t be done when someone has a tan. The laser can’t tell the difference between a tan and sun damage, so patients are encouraged to schedule ahead of the warmer months. Get in ahead of those spring break trips that involve a lot of sun exposure!

What’s the investment?

BBL is $300 per treatment, but Skin Wellness Dermatology has included the service in the Level 3 LUXE package! LUXE is a membership program with several services offered monthly, and it’s the way to go for anyone looking for regular treatments at deep discounts. Check out membership levels here.

Dr. Corey Hartman

When we think of health, it’s important to think of the big picture. How we care for our minds and bodies is a big deal, and the skin shouldn’t be overlooked. Given that it’s our largest organ, we need to treat it well. Fortunately, Dr. Hartman and the team at Skin Wellness Dermatology are passionate about helping us do just that!


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