Piece by Piece :: Changing Clothes for the Changing Seasons


Sunshine and sunny days, green grass, tall trees, long days, short nights, and HEAT!!!! Not just any heat — Alabama summer heat. The kind of heat that makes you uncomfortable and sweaty (or as I say, glisten-y). There is absolutely no consideration, way, or possibility of putting on whole pieces of clothing like jeans and jackets; not for us, and definitely not for the tiny humans. Tank tops, dry-fit, shorts, and sandals lead the way for getting dressed for school (oh, and let’s not forget shoes with no socks!).

But sooner than later, the seasons will start to change and so will the weather (yay!). The days will become shorter, the leaves will change, and the 80- and 90-degree weather will leave us. Soon it will be time to pack the shorts and tanks away, and if your tiny humans are like the ones in my house, they will be a little sad. So to please them and keep our mental sanity over outfit fights on busy mornings, I will be dropping some essential wardrobe pieces and tips for changing seasons.

Changing Clothes for Changing SeasonsTo the mom who puts all the summer clothes away after school starts (or after Labor Day):

Hold your horses!!!! There are tons of summer pieces for boys and girls that can still be worn on those slightly chilly mornings. Here in Alabama, the weather is so iffy, it will be 60 degrees at 7:00 a.m. and 95 degrees at 2:45 p.m., so we have to be mindful of that. With that said, keep shorts and tanks out for a few more weeks; just add some tall socks and a light jacket.

To the mom who discards all of the too little clothes:

Back up 10! Clothes that are too small or are getting too small are completely usable. All of those t-shirts that your big boy is outgrowing will be fine for a few more weeks if you put a long-sleeve shirt underneath, and those almost-too-short shorts are fine with some compression pants. As for girls, dresses that are too small can be converted to shirts by adding a cute bottom like jeans, jeggings, or pants; and sweaters that are too short can be worn as boleros. Don’t be afraid to rehash some fashion!

Do not be afraid to layer.

It is very easy to remove clothing, rather than adding it, when the weather changes. So when the summer is changing to fall, let your girl wear shorts with cute tights or knee highs. There are tons of cute patterns and colors that go with any and every color of shorts. As for the boys, long socks are in style now anyway, so let them keep wearing those. When mornings get really chilly, compression pants are great for boys. Stores like Academy, Dicks, and Target sell them in boy patterns and basic colors. They can put them on and keep wearing shorts on chilly days. They also make and sell long-sleeve compression shirts. Hoodies and cardigans are also perfect layering pieces.

Buy the same basic piece in different colors.

Smart move, grasshopper! Buying the same basic pieces such as long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts, cardigans, cargo pants, and jeans creates a hub for your child’s wardrobe. Basic pieces in neutral colors can be accessorized and put with other pieces to complete an outfit. So don’t be afraid to splurge and get three or four of the same thing.

Dress for the WEATHER, not the SEASON!

My best tip for changing clothes for the changing seasons is to dress for the weather, not for the season. If the high for an October day is 75 degrees, dress the tiny humans in clothes suitable for a 75-degree weather day. It makes things way simpler. Trust me, there will be plenty of time for cute seasonal outfits and festive frocks; but for the moment, while in transition, check the weather every day and dress your child accordingly.

Do you have an tips for dressing your kiddos through the changing seasons?