My Two Teeth Whitening Tales


What a Zinger!

My first experience with teeth whitening began about eight years ago when I underwent a popular (at the time) in-office treatment. I rank it as the third most painful experience of my life (ahead of childbirth. No lie. Now I know you’re dying to know the first two)! Y’all . . . that particular teeth whitening regimen was hellacious, to say the least. Not only did I feel every single nerve in my teeth for well over an hour during treatment, but my gums burned for days, my lips felt sunburned, and I experienced what the dental community refers to as “teeth zingers” for many days and weeks after treatment.

And don’t even get me started on the teeth sensitivity. I had invested quite a bit of money for this professional treatment that left me in unthinkable pain. I vowed to never do it again.

Moms’ Night Out

Fast forward to a month ago at a Birmingham Moms Blog (BMB) Contributors’ meet and greet night at Shades Creek Dental. All BMB contributors were invited to meet Dr. Ron MacBeth and his amazing staff and tour his fabulous new facility. We all ate a delicious meal and entered to win a complimentary teeth whitening experience.

Before I would even put my name in the drawing, I had to know if the whitening regimen would be the same kind I had eight years ago (which shall continue to remain nameless for the reason that I don’t want to get sued)! They assured me it was not. Shades Creek Dental uses the Kor brand teeth whitening system. I reluctantly tossed my name in the bowl and went about enjoying the evening. When it came time for the drawing, wouldn’t you know, my name card literally fell out of the bowl — everyone agreed it was a sign!

Strengthening Your Kor

The Kor whitening process involves a three-step regimen. First, I came in for a consultation and impressions for whitening trays. Once the whitening trays were ready, I came back for the in-office whitening portion, then I took home my new trays and whitening gel to continue whitening for an additional two weeks.

The staff at Shades Creek Dental could not have been nicer or more accommodating to this busy mom. In fact, I had to bring my two year old along for the initial consultation, and not only did they welcome her with open arms, they allowed her to sit in the exam room with me and turned the t.v. to face her so she could watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I know!

Let’s Play “Speak Out”

Looking glamorous! The price for beauty!

The initial consultation only lasted about 15 minutes; impressions for my whitening trays were made, then I was on my way. I came back another day for my in-office whitening treatment. From beginning to end, I’d estimate that appointment lasted only 30 minutes. Dr. MacBeth inserted a large mouthpiece in my mouth (think the mouthpiece from the game Speak Out that you often see played on The Ellen Show. Incidentally, Dr. MacBeth will always win that game — he’s an expert at interpreting what patients are saying. It’s hilarious and quite a talent!). He then painted a green gel on my gums to protect them from irritation. Once that was in place, he began brushing on the teeth whitening solution and let that sit for 20 minutes.

What Sensitivity?

After just 20 minutes, I could see immediate results — it was amazing! The best part was no teeth sensitivity! Portions of my gums felt a temporary (minor) discomfort/burning sensation which only lasted a few hours. Drinking ice water later that afternoon felt a tad uncomfortable, but nothing unmanageable. In fact, the night of my procedure, I had a big dish of ice cream without any issue. I’m sold.

While everyone is different, the in-office portion of the whitening left me with barely any teeth sensitivity. If you’re prone to sensitivity and happy with the results of Part One of the procedure, you can stop there. I decided to continue with the at-home whitening trays for an additional two weeks (because . . . why not?!), and while the at-home whitening has caused some sensitivity, it isn’t enough to stop me from continuing. For those who experience extreme sensitivity, Dr. MacBeth advises using the whitening trays every other day and brushing with toothpaste specifically formulated for sensitive teeth. 

There is literally no comparison between my first whitening experience to now. I am loving my results and find myself smiling more — which is a win-win for everyone! I would do Kor all over again in a heartbeat. If you are looking for a quick whitening fix, definitely call Shades Creek Dental and set up your Kor consultation today!

Stocking Stuffer Idea

Husbands, if you’re reading this: Christmas is next month, and your wife deserves a little pampering and teeth whitening. Trust me, she’ll love you for it! Keep this in mind as the perfect Christmas gift!

Watch the procedure here: