Basic Skin Care Tips from the Professionals

We enjoyed working with Skin Wellness Center to bring you this content! They know what they're doing!

I turned 36 in November, and taking care of my skin became kind of a New Year’s resolution after I worked on a post about LUXE from Skin Wellness Center, their amazing option for clients who want routine treatments at a discount. As I was learning and writing, it hit me that beautiful skin is quite attainable if you work with someone who knows what he or she is doing. Fortunately, Skin Wellness Center is staffed by a he (remember that piece on Dr. Hartman? He’s worth getting to know!) and several shes who do, in fact, know exactly how to help clients achieve glow status.

Basic skin care tips from the professionals at Skin Wellness Center
Dr. Hartman in action!

Skin Wellness Center is the place to go for excellent services, but it’s also the place to go when you simply want to learn about basic skin care and how to age gracefully. That was my goal when I set up my consultation with Asia Cordell, an aesthetician. My education around caring for my skin growing up was pretty much that you wash your face with Noxzema or whatever’s on sale, and Oil of Olay is the best lotion, whether you’re fifteen or fifty. Asia assured me that I wasn’t the only person she’d met who knew so little about skin care, and she spent some time educating me before suggesting a few products from the online store. I left that appointment with a grown-up skin care routine, and I’ve got to say that I’ve seen significant results!

For this article, I had an interview with Asia, whom I’d worked with previously, and Angela Wade, another aesthetician. It was so fun and educational chatting basic skin care with these two, and I can’t mention the interview or these ladies’ expertise without wanting to yell, “And their skin!!! They have the best skin!!!” Certainly, Asia and Angela practice what they preach.

Don’t Feel Overwhelmed

Asia and Angela emphasized that they are intentional about helping new clients start with the basics. There is so much information available when it comes to healthy, vibrant skin, but there is no need to try drinking from a fire hose. Rather, begin with a few recommendations from a professional who can envision the potential, and go from there.

The Morning Routine

One word: Antioxidants. It’s important to get antioxidants on your face in the morning, as they fight off free radicals that attack throughout the day. Asia uses PAC-MAN as an example. Antioxidants are the PAC-MAN of your skin care routine, eating external pollutants all day long to protect your skin. For great results, use a product with antioxidants in the morning, and hydrate with hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of fine lines.Basic skin care tips from the professionals at Skin Wellness Center

Then there’s the thing you might not know: The sunscreen in your make-up doesn’t protect your skin against the sun’s UV rays. What does that mean? You must apply a layer of sunscreen to your face before going out. Period. From Asia: “Get over it! This is the only skin you have, and you’ve got to protect it!” Simply add a layer of sunscreen after the products containing antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, and then apply your make-up as usual. Your skin will thank you.

The Evening Routine

Antioxidants in the morning. Retinols in the evening. As we age, our cells don’t replenish as quickly, and lines form. Retinols aid in softening lines to keep skin looking younger longer. Just like in the morning, wash your face, and then apply products containing what your skin needs for the next few hours. 

Speaking of washing your face, I asked Asia and Angela what they would suggest for women who may be skipping this on a regular basis. (Confession: I went through a few months after each of my kids’ births where washing my face was pretty much my last priority, and getting back to the routine was rough.) The experts emphasized that this is a non-negotiable. You may not stick to your full skincare routine every single day, but washing your face has to be a given. No excuses — just do it.

Skin Wellness Center’s Online Store

The online store is full of medical-grade products for medical-grade results. I do my ordering online, and I’m blown away by the simplicity. Not to brag, but I consider myself an expert in getting annoyed with complicated online ordering systems, even ditching full carts when account creation turns into a monster. Not the case with Skin Wellness Center! The system is simple, and the process is easy. I love that I can get what I need without leaving my house, making a call, or sending a message. 

Set up a Consultation

It’s no secret that mothers often put themselves last. The fact that you deserve to care for your skin can be overlooked in the chaos of work, family, and everything in between, but let me encourage you to reach out. You can walk into a consultation knowing nothing and lean on the experts for guidance and direction. This is the only skin you have, and there is an entire team of people at Skin Wellness Center geared up and ready to help you see how amazing it can be.

It’s not about fighting aging. It’s about feeling good as you age.


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