Tami H

Tami's that girl who swore up and down she’d never have children - typical quick-tempered redhead who was just fine with her life the way it was. She went to college in Southern California, where she met her husband and wooed him with her Alabama accent. On their second date, she explained to him that she didn't plan to be a mother, ever. But life isn’t always about our plans, is it? After he proposed, she dragged him back to her hometown of Birmingham and they’ve been married almost 13 years now. She spent her twenties traveling and building a career as a successful realtor in Birmingham, and the first half of her thirties struggling with infertility. In March of 2017, Tami and Mario gave birth to their beautiful daughter Teagan. Now, they can’t imagine life without her. Teagan was born with a genetic defect called Connexin 26, which causes hearing loss. So, she gets to wear the most adorable little hearing aids and Tami & Mario work to educate those around them on the ins and outs of hearing loss in children. Lover of travel, she keeps a grab bag of the names of places outside the U.S. and draws from it every other year! Next up is Argentina! Being a new mom with a demanding career has been a little tough, but she's learning to balance. Having Teagan was the best thing possible, because it taught her to slow down and enjoy life, rather than rush from one appointment to the next. She's excited to be a part of the City Moms Blog Network and the opportunity to meet other moms from all walks of life!

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