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Tabitha H

Tabitha has spent her entire life living in various parts of St. Clair County . . . small town life but close enough to the city to enjoy all it has to offer. She's been married to her high school sweetheart for 13 years. Tabitha spends her days as a blogger and homeschool mom to Gavin, a 5th grader who loves animals, books, geography, LEGO, Disney, roller coasters, museums, pirates and karate. Indeed, he keeps her life interesting! Part of what makes it interesting is homeschooling an only child - it's a unique journey! Tabitha loves libraries, good books, history, traveling, coffee, Disney, sometimes cooking (but never cleaning up), being a "karate mom", more coffee, scrapbooking in her free time (ha!) and naps. Around town, you're likely to catch her "field-tripping" with her son at one of the libraries, a park, the Birmingham Museum of Art, McWane Science Center, the Birmingham Zoo, or one of the other dozens of interesting places in the city - and she'll probably have coffee.
Quarantine adventure: chalk your walk!

Bear Hunts, Easter Eggs, and Chalk :: Coming Together During Quarantine

I am a semi-introverted person, and even I am going crazy on week three of the great social distancing quarantine of 2020. Because even an introvert likes her libraries and coffee shops. And my only child...
Homeschooling during the coronavirus quarantine.

Homeschool Mom Advice :: Help While Your Kids Are Home On Quarantine

I get it. Extended school closure because of quarantine seems daunting. It's not like summer, and it's not even going to allow for a regular spring break. Three weeks (at least) of kids being...

I’m Not Making New Year’s Resolutions :: What I’m Doing Instead

I've never been much good at New Year's Resolutions. In fact, in all my life, I've probably never kept a resolution past the first of February. By summer, I've completely forgotten what it was...

A Message to Moms With No Makeup On :: You are My Tribe

I was a teenager in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Contouring did not exist, and you didn't find winged eyeliner on every eye. All over color foundation was the norm, and blue eye shadow paired...

FREE Museum Day on September 21, 2019 | Visit Vulcan Park and Museum (or...

Saturday, September 21, 2019 is Smithsonian Magazine’s FREE Museum Day!  Hundreds of museums around the country are taking part.  Tickets are now available to download! Right here in our very own Birmingham, Vulcan Park and...
food festival

Birmingham Food Festivals and Cultural Fairs 2019-2020 Guide

I love a good food festival! Fall is when the all the food festivals and culture fairs gear up in and around Birmingham. I'm here to give you the scoop on the when, the...

Summer Road Trip Fun :: Get to Know the State with the Alabama Bicentennial...

If you haven't noticed by now, Alabama is celebrating a pretty monumental birthday - 200 years this December! But you can't limit a state's bicentennial to just ONE day, or even a month really.  This...

Guide to Birmingham Area Vacation Bible School Programs {2019}

Many kids have meaningful and lasting experiences at Vacation Bible School during their growing up years as they learn about God's love in a fun and engaging way. Many local churches have VBS plans....

100 Books for Summer Reading {Quality KidLit, Family Read-Alouds, and Entertaining Audiobooks}

Summer is just around the corner, and lots of kids participate in summer reading programs at the library. This is a great list to take with you to the library to help your child...

Books for Raising Boys :: This Mom has Read Almost All of Them

Let's face it, raising boys is foreign territory for moms. We love them fiercely, for sure, but sometimes we don't understand them or what they are going through and the unique challenges they face...
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