Staci L

Staci and her husband live in the beautiful Birmingham area with their two daughters. She discovered her love for writing after the loss of her son and has since been active in the blogging world and has published two books. She is active in her church and proudly bears the title of "Soccer Mom". When not working a full-time job, writing, or volunteering, Staci can often be found in a local coffee shop gathered around a table with coffee and friends.

10 Signs You Might Be Parenting a Threenager

Our home has been in full-blown threenager mode for eight months now and looking back, I only thought I had it rough the first go-around. Child number two has definitely turned me into a...

I am 1 in 4 {Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month}

I guess we all fall into one statistic or another, but 1 in 4 is one that I didn't know about and definitely one that I didn't want to fall into. But, I am...

Moms’ Night Out in Birmingham

Planning a Moms' Night Out in Birmingham I adore my kids; I absolutely love them to pieces. Granted, they drive me up the wall sometimes because we are currently in a stage of fighting with...
Volunteering with Kids

Giving Back in Birmingham :: Volunteering with Kids

There is one thing that is always good for my heart, and my soul, and my spirit; when I need a pick-me-up or a little fun or maybe just need to see the joy...
There Goes My Life: House Keys and School Buses

There Goes My Life :: House Keys and School Buses

 "There she goes." The exact words I thought to myself one morning a few months ago as I left my oldest daughter at the bus stop for the first time. I sat there and watched her...

Birmingham Babysitters :: There’s an App for That

We've all heard the popular advertisement that famously replies: "There's an app for that." For the most part, that saying proves pretty true in this day and age. Our family has been in Birmingham...
Bereaved Moms

Mother’s Day :: How to Support Bereaved Moms

Mother's Day is that day most moms look forward to. It's the day when you'll get a makeshift breakfast in bed consisting of burnt toast, applesauce, and yogurt while you pretend it's the best...

Secondary Infertility :: A Silent Struggle {Infertility Awareness}

My husband and I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. In between our girls, we lost a precious son to stillbirth, and last year we had an earlier miscarriage. With each of our...

A Missing Easter Basket :: Ugly Truths of Grief

I always dreamed of being a mom. I dreamed of holding my precious kiddos and watching them grow. What I never imagined was that one of them would never come home with us; I...

Hello Spring :: Spring Scavenger Hunt

  Spring Scavenger Hunt #bmbscavengerhunt Spring is here, and what better way to get your kiddos outside enjoying the beautiful weather than with a scavenger hunt? Below you can find a scavenger hunt list specially tailored towards...
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