Rebekah V

Rebekah moved around a lot growing up but has been blessed to call Birmingham home since she graduated from The University of Alabama in 2011. She, her husband Jon, and their two red heads (three and one) live in Meadowbrook with their beagle Mozzie. Rebekah has been a librarian and a vacation planner (for Disney Destinations) but now stays home with her son and daughter. Rebekah obviously loves books and all things Disney. She also loves cooking, gardening, time with friends, and that sweet hour in the morning where everything is quiet. She relies heavily on Mountain Dew but more so on God's grace to live out every day.

Tornado Preparedness :: Seriously, Get In Your Safe Place

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Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Rebekah

Birmingham If I told you the number of times my family moved growing up, you might think we were a military family. My dad actually worked in banking, but move around we did. I was 12...