Molly W

Molly grew up in Montgomery and then ventured to Furman University for a degree in Communication Studies. After a year of AmeriCorps service in Denver, working as a camp director in Mentone, and then working for a non-profit in Macon, Molly moved to Birmingham for her husband's pediatric residency at UAB. After moving states, buying their first home, and having a baby within 4 weeks, Molly spent a year at home adjusting to their "new normal”, and she now works full time as the Project Manager for the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce. Molly and Carter live in Homewood with their daughter, and they are members of Trinity UMC. On nearly any given night, you will find Molly lying on the couch watching HGTV while scouring the internet for the next local festival/story time/restaurant/bargain in the area. Then she will get veryyyy excited to go to bed.

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My "People Who Aren't Real" List There is a mental list I like to keep; I call it my "people who aren't real" list. To earn a coveted spot on this list, you have to...