Mary Anne F

Mary Anne is a wife to Gus of seven years and Momma to Gus, Will, Zelie, and David. When she and her husband married, their life as a family of two quickly grew when a month before their first anniversary their twin boys were born. Two years, to the day, their daughter arrived. And shortly after, their surprise miracle baby arrived, prematurely at two and a half pounds. Needless to say, their family life is filled with joy but can feel like quite a daily circus! Mary Anne grew up in New York and her husband in D.C. but both met in Alabama and have lived here for 13 years. Birmingham became home to them after their wedding and ever since, they’ve fallen in love with this town. They’ve found “their spots” and enjoyed watching their family settle and grow in this sweet Southern city that they call home. Mary Anne spends her days homeschooling her little ones, taking them to sports and activities, and going on adventures around town. When she is not teaching or focusing on being a momma (when is that?!), she works with Young Living, always finding new fun ways to clean and remedy little problems. For fun she likes to plan parties, dabble in painting and photography, spend time keeping up with close friends, including her best friends in NY and FL, and when time permits, travel to her beloved 30a.

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