Mallory M

Mallory grew up in Oklahoma, met her husband Dave in college there, and they have lived in Maryland, Michigan, and now Alabama since getting married in 2008. She graduated from Michigan State University with a PhD in exercise physiology in 2014, and her family then moved to Birmingham so she could start a job as a college professor. She is mom to five great kids ages nine and under, and considers it a tremendous joy to get to invest in the lives of both her kids and her students. In her free time, Mallory enjoys family walks around the neighborhood, reading to her kids, bargain hunting, home improvement projects, and being involved in the children’s and missions ministries at her church.

When Life with Littles is Monotonous and Mundane

I love the changing seasons — the crispness of fall, the newness of spring, and most especially the dog days of summer. There is something wonderful about knowing that something new and different is...

When Friendship Clicks (not Cliques)

Have you ever met a new friend and something about the relationship just "clicks"? It feels right, right away, and your friendship takes off like you’ve known each other for years. It doesn’t happen...

On Zillow, Motherhood, and the Problem of Discontentment

Hello, my name is Mallory, and I have a Zillow problem. Do you know Zillow, the extremely popular real estate website and app where you can see all of the homes for sale in...

Please Quit Saying “You’ve Got This!”

I see it almost every day on social media, and it is commonplace at the park and the play date too. Mom posts or opens up about some vulnerable moment (going back to work...

Meals for Moms :: Restaurant Family Meals in Birmingham

When all three of my babies were born, friends brought food. It was an amazing blessing every time. I love to reciprocate and to take a meal to families with new babies (or friends...

Walk, Don’t Run :: You Can Improve Your Health Without Running

Running is cool, mamas, in case you didn’t know. Everyone who’s anyone has a 13.1 (or better yet, 26.2) bumper sticker on their minivan. For the non-runners, those are the distances (yes, in miles!)...

Exploring Birmingham :: A Perfect Day in Bluff Park

Bluff Park is a Birmingham area neighborhood that occupies the northwest portion of the city of Hoover and sits at the summit of the Shades Mountain, overlooking Shades Valley. Some of the most gorgeous...

Perspectives on Schooling :: Why We Chose Public School

Raising kids is a big responsibility, and choosing how to educate those kids is one of the most important decisions parents face. Before I explain why our family chose public school, I want to preface...

Lies Working Moms Believe

Being a mom is really hard. Working a full-time (or part-time) job while also being a mom is really hard too. Don’t misunderstand me; being a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) is crazy difficult too, though...

Going the Distance :: Perks of Raising Kids Far From Extended Family

Living far from family is hard, and raising kids far from extended family is even harder. My closest immediate family member on either side (my husband’s or mine) lives a nine-hour drive away. My...