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Mallory M

Mallory M
Mallory grew up in Oklahoma, met her husband Dave in college there, and they have lived in Maryland, Michigan, and now Alabama since getting married in 2008. She graduated from Michigan State University with a PhD in exercise physiology in 2014, and her family then moved to Birmingham so she could start a job as a college professor. She is mom to four great kids ages eight and under, and considers it a tremendous joy to get to invest in the lives of both her kids and her students. In her free time, Mallory enjoys family walks around the neighborhood, reading to her kids, bargain hunting, home improvement projects, and being involved in the children’s and missions ministries at her church.

Keeping My Family Organized (and My Counters Junk-Free) :: The Treasure Box

Kids love birthday party favors, little trinkets from the Dollar Store, goodies from that school party, and those prizes they win for summer reading or from a week of great behavior. Oh, and they...

COVID, School, and the Mommy Wars

Most area schools seem to be planning to release their plans for the 2020-2021 school year this week, so school choice (virtual, blended, hybrid, traditional, home school, and every other version you can think...

Southern Hospitality :: Use Paper Plates and Other Tips for the Easily-Stressed Hostess

Southerners are known for their hospitality, but after six years of living here, I’m convinced that it’s friendliness--not hospitality--that is actually the way of life in the South. While a friendly and welcoming demeanor...

The Journey of the Traveling Onesie

Scene One “Ooh, look at this one,” the mama-to-be cooed to her husband. She was only ten weeks pregnant. They hadn’t told any friends yet, only their closest family members. They were spending a warm...

Lessons from Coronavirus :: Get a Flu Shot

Everybody’s talking about coronavirus, or COVID-19, and social distancing. And for good reason as both Italy and China (among other countries) have illustrated for the world. I’ll do my part and stay home, teach...

Keeping My Family Organized :: My Mommy Office Hour

A few years ago while at a gathering of several families with young kids, a mom I didn’t know very well casually mentioned her weekly "mommy office hours." I stopped dead in my tracks...

Best of Birmingham :: Barbecue Joints

I grew up in Oklahoma, where barbecue is an important part of life. When my husband and I moved to Birmingham in 2014, we quickly learned that barbecue is a very big deal here,...

Now That I See You

Disney came out with the movie Tangled, an adaptation of the story of Rapunzel, in 2010, when I had already graduated from college and was well beyond the Disney princess phase. Now that I...

Welcoming A Baby When It’s Not Your First

My favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan, has a set where he introduces himself by stating that he has just become a father. Wild applause follows. He then clarifies that he just became a father for...

No, that family doesn’t “need” a boy (or girl)

Do you remember the television show Kids Say the Darndest Things? Kids sure do say funny stuff, but I’d argue that it’s actually grown adults who say the darndest and most ridiculous things. This...

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