Malinda Nichols is lucky enough to have called Birmingham her home for her entire life. She has two hilarious kids, both born in 2013. Evie (9), and Dhanya Sri (8), who came into their family by way of adoption from India. She was one of the first graduating classes from Oak Mountain High School, where she met her husband, Zack. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama, where she studied Fashion Design and Political Science. After a decade as a photo stylist, Malinda became a full-time history teacher, as well as an Ambassador for fair trade brand Noonday Collection. She and her family love to travel, watch Marvel movies, and eat their way across big cities. On the weekends you can find her restoring a 1964 vintage travel camper or renovating their 70s-era home. She is always baking, creating, traveling, or otherwise momming over on her Instagram; stop by at @malindkay and say “hey”!

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Malinda

Birmingham I was born in Anniston but have lived the suburban Birmingham life since I was two years old. My dad always worked downtown, and every time we’d drive the Red Mountain Expressway, he’d say,...
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