Lynn C

Living in and loving Birmingham, Alabama is just standard fare in this family. Both Lynn and her husband Wes have lived in the city all of their lives. In fact, both sets of grandparents hail from Birmingham as well. Having raised four children to adulthood, it's now time for Lynn to give back, sharing bits of what she has learned through years of tears and triumphs. Thirty-three years of marriage and twenty-eight years of raising kids has been a roller coaster Lynn would ride again and again! With empty-nesting as her new normal, she has time to volunteer at her church, help other women decorate their homes, dabble in creative lettering, and write poetry.

Motherhood Took Me By Surprise! {How I Became a Mother}

I was 27 when I married; he was almost 30. I had planned out our life in my "most organized" fashion: three years of wedded bliss and then family -- sounds good, right?! But...

Many Thanks! Bringing Back the Thank-You Note in Our E-mail Age

I helped my parents move into a smaller home several years ago. While helping Mom decide what to keep and give away, I came across a box filled with letters and cards, many dating...

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When most people see a post devoted to spring cleaning, they immediately picture fresh sheets blowing in warm wind or Tupperware being neatly re-organized in the pantry. This was my own view for years...

Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Lynn

Birmingham Pulling into the train station from North Carolina, my parents and I arrived to our home in Birmingham, AL. The year was 1956. I was 8 months old. I like to think I've been...