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Lisha G

Born in China, Lisha moved to America at the age of 9. In her first few years here, Lisha became fluent in English, gained an abnormal love for boy bands and glitter lip gloss, and learned to love pizza. Growing up an only child made her realize she wanted a big family. After graduating from Auburn University in 2006, Lisha moved to Birmingham to attend Cumberland School of Law. While in Birmingham, Lisha met her husband (Henry) and they have been married for 7 years. In 2016, they welcomed identical twin boys into the word. Because they were not spending enough money on diapers, Lisha had a baby girl 22 months later, in 2017. Some might call them crazy to have had 3 children under the age of 2, but Lisha prefers to think of them as over-achievers. With a side of insanity. Lisha graduated law school in 2009 and works as a partner at a litigation law firm in downtown Birmingham. Being a full-time lawyer and a mom of 3 presents obvious challenges, but Lisha has found that the (very) occasional glass of wine with friends helps her through. In her spare time, Lisha enjoys playing the violin, cooking, and traveling.

5 Easy Toy Hacks Using Household Items

Have you ever bought a toy your child just couldn't live without (in my recent case, PJ mask figurines), only to have them play more with the box it came in? I have.   I have...

Silent When Faced with Racism

This is an uncomfortable post for me to write. I have deleted and restarted it more times than I want to admit. It is uncomfortable because I have to address the topic of being...

How to Leave the House with Children in Tow :: Keeping It Real

Do you ever feel like it takes you forever to leave the house with children? Like, you age a few years trying? Me too, Girlfriend. Here’s what happened last weekend. It’s a Saturday morning. We wake...
parenthood choices

Motherhood: It’s Okay To Not Know What To Do

It's the fourth day of eight-hour depositions in a conference room out of town. I have seen my babies for a collective total of three hours in the past week. During breaks, I pull out...

Wyndy: Solving the Babysitter Problem

Look, we have all been there: It's 7:00 a.m. You wake up to a sick child and can't send him to school. But you have an important meeting at 9:00 a.m. that you can't...
Babies don't keep: Goodnight Moon

Babies Don’t Keep: Goodnight Moon

I cried last night. Not the cry-a-single-tear kind, but like a full-on UGLY cry. My face contorted. My husband looked at me like I had lost my marbles. When I tried to explain myself...

When You Don’t Fall in Love at First Sight

Once upon a time, a mama had a baby. She held the baby, looked into his eyes, and fell in love at first sight. They lived happily ever after. We have all heard this fairy tale....

Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Lisha

Birmingham My story does not begin in Birmingham, but I have been able to call this beautiful city "home" since 2006.   Growing up, I lived in two different countries, three different states, attended three different elementary...

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