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Laura P

Laura P
Laura Prewitt, 38, is a proud native of Birmingham, having lived here all life with the exception of college at Florida State University in Tallahassee, and a semester abroad in Spain. After graduating in 2004, she moved back to attend UAB, receiving a Masters in Communication Management. Laura has worked in fields ranging from service industry and event planning, to waste management and business development/marketing for a local startup company specializing in custom software development. She is currently a full time SAHM but does take on the occasional freelance marketing project, and is excited for the opportunity to write and share with other parents. Laura has been married to Michael, a senior financial advisor for Merrill Lynch, since 2012 and they have one son, Tristan (3). In her *limited* spare time Laura loves cooking (also eating!), watching sports (mostly football), travelling, reading, going to concerts and experiencing all the fun things Birmingham has to offer!
Moving With A Toddler: Prior Preparation

Moving With A Toddler :: Prior Preparation

Moving With a Toddler :: Prior Preparation My husband often repeats a saying he refers to as “The 5 Ps” which states, "Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance." Being the Type-A personality that I am, I...

Back to School: The (Un)Official Pre-K Pandemic Planning Guide

Back to school is usually a time of excitement. For children, they get to see friends, meet a new teacher, learn, grow, and play. For parents . . . FREEEEEEDOOOOOM! I joke, but seriously,...

A Sunscreen Survival Guide {Skin Cancer Awareness Month}

There’s a saying that goes, “I’ve never wrestled an alligator, but I have put sunscreen on a toddler before!” I am here to tell you that statement is 100% accurate! May is Skin Cancer Awareness...

Financial Planning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Financial Planning During the COVID-19 Pandemic We are living in an unprecedented time. Coronavirus (Covid-19) went from being virtually unheard of in the United States roughly four months ago to officially becoming a global pandemic....

Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Laura P.

Birmingham I was born and raised in Birmingham but grew up “over the mountain” as they say. I didn’t really experience much of the "city" save Surin West, 5 Points Music Hall, Celestial Realm Coffee...

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