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Kristin L

Kristin L has lived in Birmingham all of her life and loves it. It's a great size, with wonderful people, and fun places to go. All she would change is the humidity. She graduated from Auburn University (a long time ago) with a degree in Mass Communication/Journalism, but has worked as a paraprofessional in Hoover City Schools for two years now. She is married to Phillip (almost 17 years now) and they stay busy raising their two sons who are 15 and 10 1/2.

Our Made-for-T.V. Movie {Autism Awareness Month}

Every family has a story. In fact, I think most families have stories worthy of at least a Lifetime movie, if not a book deal. Many of our stories are full of unique plot...

Making the Most of a Middle School IEP

Individualized Education Program I’ve been attending IEP meetings now for 13 years. That’s hard for me to believe as I type this. An IEP (Individualized Education Program) is much more than just a written legal...

What Puts the “Magic” in The Magic City

It’s undeniable that Birmingham has undergone a revitalization in recent years. I think it has officially become a “destination” city. You can view historic architecture, watch movies at elegant old theaters (the Alabama Theater...

Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Kristin L.

Birmingham Hi, I'm Kristin and I have lived in Birmingham for 49 years -- or my entire life! I was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital and have always been happy to live in this city....
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