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Kimberly W

Kimberly Wright is a native of New Orleans and a proud graduate of Louisiana State University. At LSU, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and worked in marketing for 10+ years. Kimberly moved to Birmingham, AL in 2000 where she met her husband. She dove headfirst into the fitness industry in 2007 as a fitness Instructor. And after the birth of their first son, Kimberly became a stay-at-home mom with fitness as her part time job. Currently, Kimberly is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Fitness Instructor. She lives in Vestavia with her husband and two sons ages 7 & 11.

Parenting the Competitive Child

Spoiler alert: I don’t have this all figured out.    Like most things in parenting, this is one of those things where you try and fail many times.    Our eight-year-old son loves competition, whether it be soccer,...

Surviving Multiple Car Rider Lines

I took a deep breath before typing this sentence because I have to get in the mindset of carpool (or car rider line as some call it). First off, our family lives in a...

What’s This New Video Game Lingo?

By now, you’ve had conversations with your significant other, your children, and probably your pediatrician about screen time. In case you don’t know what screen time is, it is the time spent in front...

Don’t Skip Your Health Screenings :: My Colon Story

I am writing this four days before my 46th birthday. According a doctor friend, I am considered young physiologically, but gosh I feel so old all over after the last six years. After I...

What I Miss About the Toddler Years and What I Was Happy to Leave...

I am Mom to two boys, ages seven and eleven, and they were the cutest and sweetest babies. They were cuter and sweeter than all other babies. Did you feel this way? That euphoric,...

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Kimberly

Birmingham I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana but have lived in Birmingham since 2000. What I love about Birmingham are the little cities within the city. You can go five miles down the road...
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