Kayla E

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Kayla moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2016. She and her husband of six years, James, got the shock of a lifetime when they found out their first child would actually be children, and they'd be welcoming identical twin boys, Alexander and Nathan, now 3. She started her personal blog, TwoChocolateFaces.com in 2017 when her twins were four months old. When she's not twin-wrangling, Kayla also works as an elementary special education teacher, personal trainer, and a fitness instructor, and started Tuscaloosa's only parent/child fitness class, Squats and Tots, at the downtown Tuscaloosa YMCA.

Finding Joy in Quarantine (with Twin Toddlers)

Hi there! If you're reading this in the future: the year is 2020, there's a global pandemic going on, and we've been told to "shelter in place" AKA stay home. I've been sheltering in...

Virtual Back-to-School and the Teacher Mom

A new school year is only weeks away, and I'm sure many would agree this may be the strangest one yet. These are unprecedented times as districts decide the safest way to resume learning...

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Kayla E.

Birmingham If you had told me ten years ago that I'd be living in central Alabama, raising twins, and married to the guy I had a huge long-distance crush on, I'd have never believed you....