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Katie P

Katie is a native of Birmingham who moved out to the Bay Area for grad school and the start of her teaching career. After three years of 24/7 traffic and studio apartment living, she moved back to Birmingham and now lives in Homewood with her husband of three years, William. While enjoying Birmingham’s ample parking and fabulous people, Katie and William welcomed their children, Ava (2 1/2 years old) and Otto (1 1/2 years old). After teaching for four years, Katie became a SAHM to Ava and Otto. She and William are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby #3 in October 2019. When Katie is not contemplating the engineering feat of fitting three car seats into her vehicle or the logistics of being outnumbered by three toddlers, she enjoys gardening and cooking with her kids. She uses her educational background to teach her toddler about cooking and baking, chronicling their creations on her blog (eatjoyfully.com). Now that the dreaded “all day” sickness has (mostly) subsided, you can find her cooking up new dishes and eyeing fresh produce at Pepper Place, breakfast burrito in hand.

Where to Find the Best Donuts in Birmingham {Celebrating National Donut Day!}

National Donut Day is coming up this Friday, June 5th. We've rounded up the tastiest locally-owned donut spots to help you celebrate, and these are not your average sweet treats! Whether you prefer cake or...

The Best Local Coffee Shops in Birmingham

Every mom I know needs her daily cup (or three) of coffee. Juggling the many responsibilities of motherhood is exhausting, and caffeine is a much-needed boost for many. Whether you are a coffee addict...
five natural cough remedies

Cold and Flu Season :: Five Natural Cough Remedies

It's that time of year when everyone seems to be coughing. Whether it's from a cold, RSV, the flu, or just a bit of drainage, you can't go anywhere in public without the sound...
husband not babysitter

My Husband Is Not a Babysitter

For two years now, I have been a stay-at-home mom. As rewarding and fulfilling as it is to care for my kids, I inevitably have commitments come up that require my husband to watch...
Vegetarian mom

My Toddler Only Eats French Fries :: Struggles of a Vegetarian Mom

If you told my vegetarian, PETA-enrolled, 17-year-old self that in ten years I'd be using my bare hands to pick apart a beef burger for two toddlers, I would have straight up laughed in...
3 Steps to Making Family Food Memories

Three Steps to Making Family Food Memories

The Food We Eat Tells a Story It is a fact that families create valuable memories while sitting around a table and enjoying a meal together. I think any good Southerner would agree that many...

What is Community Supported Agriculture, and Why Do We Do It?

Community supported agriculture (CSA) programs are essentially partnerships between individuals and local farms. Members receive a weekly share of seasonal produce, often with optional additions of meat or dairy products. Every week is different...

Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Katie P.

Birmingham Hi, Birmingham Mamas! My name is Katie and I grew up here in the early 90s—the heyday of awesome kids' snacks (yes to dunkaroos and lunchables!), tamagotchi, and regrettable fashion trends (see picture below). The...
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