Julie T

After graduating from college, Julie worked for ten years as a paralegal and as a medical software programmer before becoming a SAHM to her and her husband's two children. Life is crazy for her these days, but a lot of Jesus and a little exercise and painting keeps her sane! When she's not editing for Birmingham Mom Collective, you can find Julie illustrating wedding gowns and heirloom keepsakes--check out her Instagram page @bridal_illustration_by_julie for more information!

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Lost Art Maybe it's because I'm from the South, or maybe it was because my mom always insisted we do it growing up, or maybe it's because I'm an introvert ... but I love writing...

Today I Am A Ma’am

"Today I am a Ma'am" That's the title of an episode from my all-time favorite t.v. show: The Mary Tyler Moore Show. On this particular episode, Mary is called "ma'am" for the first time. She's recently turned...

The Worst LASIK Patient Ever!

LASIK corrective eye surgery. Have you done it? When I was in eighth grade, we read The Diary of Anne Frank at school. I remember hearing the Nazis made people in the concentration camps...

No-Carving-Required Pumpkin Decorating Hacks

I recently lamented to my husband that I wish I was good at pumpkin carving. You know, like really good -- the kind of pumpkin carver who can shave various parts of pumpkin flesh,...

Memaw’s Pale Pink Polka Dot Dress

  By this point, I think it’s pretty obvious I have an appreciation for history and “old things”--see here and here. Beyond Birmingham’s history and historical homes, I also have a fascination with vintage clothing. As...

Houses of History

I'm an old soul -- an unapologetic old soul. My college minor was theater (costume design). I love old clothes, old houses -- really, anything having to do with history, especially related to Birmingham....

Diastasis Recti and Waist Trainers

Let’s talk postpartum abs, shall we? Every body is different -- some bellies pop right back in place, others take time, while others never quite go back in. And that’s ok. I remember when Duchess...

Birmingham’s Best Chicken Salad Spots

My love affair with chicken salad began my freshman year at the University of Alabama. Anyone remember the chicken salad at the (now-closed) Crimson Cafe on the strip?? {A moment of silence, please, as...

Potty Training Tips :: I Don’t Like Cold Turkey!!

The Internet is overloaded with potty training tricks and tools. All I can say is this: this is what worked for us, and most of what I used to potty train our child came directly from...

Baby on Board!

I ran throughout my pregnancies. Well, maybe I should say “jogged.” Or whatever you want to call it: run, jog, slow jog, fast walk -- let’s not get technical here! Thankfully my doctor is...