Julie T

After graduating from college, Julie worked for ten years as a paralegal and as a medical software programmer before becoming a SAHM to her and her husband's two children. Life is crazy for her these days, but a lot of Jesus and a little exercise and painting keeps her sane! When she's not editing for Birmingham Mom Collective, you can find Julie illustrating wedding gowns and heirloom keepsakes--check out her Instagram page @bridal_illustration_by_julie for more information!

My Two Teeth Whitening Tales

What a Zinger! My first experience with teeth whitening began about eight years ago when I underwent a popular (at the time) in-office treatment. I rank it as the third most painful experience of my...

One Mom’s Journey Through The BRCA1 Gene & A Preventative Double Mastectomy

My dear friend, Anne, and I first met at new student orientation when we transferred midyear into Samford (Sam not Stan!) University. Neither of us knew anyone else, and we bonded quickly over the...

Tunes, Brews, and City Views with Our Favorite Cast-Iron Statue

Afternoon Tunes Under the Statue Looking for something fun and family-friendly to do this weekend? If you've never been to one of Vulcan Park's AfterTunes events, now is the time to go. AfterTunes promises to...

Kid-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas for Birmingham Moms

Put a Label on Me I have recently earned a new label in this journey I call motherhood: the every-other-weekend-is-a-kid's-birthday-party-taxi-mom. Anybody with me? Show of hands! And this post is not to call out those...

Birmingham Moms Blog at the Birmingham Barons

One of the best things to hit downtown Birmingham in the past five years is the addition of the Regions Field Birmingham Barons baseball stadium, am I right? I have to say, the first...

An Ode to My Dad, DNA, and Long Lost Relatives

I'll admit it, I'm a family history junkie. And not just my own, but really everyone's family history. I'm fascinated by the stories we all can tell, and how intricately our lives are woven...

All the Moms are Straightening!

If I had any advice for my awkward 14-year-old self on the day my braces were finally removed, it would be, "Wear your retainers, woman!" (Also, side note: yes, my mother made that sign for...

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. If I'm completely honest with you, this topic is something I would usually avoid reading (much less writing about). I'm already a bit...

Relay Running — Seriously, I Couldn’t Do It Alone

I ran a couple of half marathons before having kids, and after that, I thought, "Yeah, I'm good -- glad that's out of my system!"  But I still enjoy running shorter races for a number...

Engaging Your Kids During Black History Month in the Magic City

  I think I'm probably the Birmingham history buff of the group (see here, here, here and here), wouldn't you say?! Yes, it's true. I'm 80. In a 30-something-year-old's body. THE Institute Our fair city is home...