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Julie T

Julie T
After graduating from college, Julie worked for ten years as a paralegal and as a medical software programmer before becoming a SAHM to her and her husband's two toddlers. Life is crazy for her these days, but a lot of Jesus and a little exercise and painting keeps her sane! When the kids are napping, you can find Julie illustrating wedding gown keepsakes--check out her etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/BridalIllustration.

Kids and Masks :: Helpful Tips from Children’s of Alabama

A year ago, we'd never have dreamed we'd be discussing proper mask wearing with our children. Yet, here we are, still in the middle of the global pandemic that is COVID-19. With schools, sports,...

The Best Birmingham Pumpkin Patches and Fall Festivals

It's been a crazy year so far, to say the least. We're all ready to turn the page and have a change of seasons and activities. Many events this year have been postponed or...

Sending Your Child to College During a Pandemic :: Managing Anxiety

As if sending your nearly grown child off to college isn't hard enough, sending them off during a global pandemic just made it that much harder. We worry if we've prepared our children for...

Starting Kindergarten During a Pandemic :: Managing Anxiety

We all know that sending your little one off to kindergarten is an emotional experience. I felt like I was hanging by a little thread that first week, knowing at any moment I might...

Meet Dr. Deborah Sema from Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics

It is a real treat getting to know our Birmingham Mom Collective partners better, and Dr. Deborah Sema from Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics is no exception! When you first meet Dr. Sema, you immediately feel like...

Meet Dr. Quyen Vu Ying of Liberty Park Children’s Dentistry

Birmingham Mom Collective has the best partnerships, and I love getting to know them better through interviews. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of our partners, Dr. Quyen Vu Ying of Liberty...

Sprucing Up Your Space :: Quarantine Edition

Growing up, my big sister and I were total opposites when it came to our bedrooms. Hers was messy, mine was neat. She rarely made her bed, I always made mine (mainly just to...

Sanity-Saving Summer Activities in Birmingham :: Quarantine Edition

Last year I posted my 25 ideas for summer activities in Birmingham. But . . . that was 2019 -- you know, before COVID-19 crash-landed into all our summer plans. This year's post looks...

Social Isolation Even Before the Coronavirus :: One Mom’s Story

As the coronavirus continues its march closer and closer to our front doors, I want to share with you a story that is personal to me. This comes from a fellow mama and a...

Prepping for a Coronavirus Quarantine :: Activities for Kids

I'll admit it. I'm a prepper. But not in the way you might think. Regrettably, I didn't think to buy hand sanitizer (now sold out nationwide). Instead, I was busy freaking out about how...

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