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Jordan C

Jordan was born and raised in Birmingham where she met her high school sweetheart, Shawn, who is now her husband. She is mom to her busy and playful son, Sims. Jordan attended Auburn University where she received her nursing degree. She founded Birmingham Breastfeeding, which provides local mothers with in-home lactation care. In addition to lactation consulting, she is also a pediatric nurse at a local pediatrician's office. Her favorite things include enjoying a mimosa (or two), dinner with friends, and blooming jasmine.

What I’ve Learned While Not Preparing for Baby #2

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Resources for the Sleepy Momma

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Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Jordan C

Birmingham I was born and raised in Birmingham. I met my sweet husband, Shawn, when I was in middle school, and we have been together basically ever since. The only time I've spent away from...
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