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Jocelyn M

Good Morning Mommas! My name is Jocelyn Martin who did a lot of her growing up in Birmingham. I am the oldest of 6 kids & so close with all of them. At Auburn University I met my much-better half, Marty We got married and within a few years started having our babies. With 1 girl & 3 boys we like to say, "we have a little bit of drama & a whole lot of dirt." Baylor (16), William (14), Whitt (12) & Lee (7) keep us busy with school, sports, singing & a whole lot of running around the neighborhood. I am an "old-fashioned" momma with a cast iron bell on the back porch to ring when it's time for dinner. (Although, truth be told, I do not like to make dinner. I do it because I love my crazy family.) I work very part-time at our church & love to spend time volunteering at the kid's schools. I love being an aunt. I love Chick-Fil-A Dr. Pepper's, a soft blanket & a good episode of Law & Order.

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