Jenny Y

Jenny-Lyn was born in Decatur, grew up in Ohio, and moved to Birmingham as a teenager. Her favorite things about Birmingham include sweet tea, the use of Sir and Ma’am, and the way people offer friendly smiles while out and about. Oh, and the food. Jenny’s background is sales and marketing, each of which she enjoys putting to use behind the scenes with Birmingham Mom Collective. After getting married, Jenny moved from Birmingham to Minneapolis where she invites anyone interested to visit around August. She’s strongly connected to Birmingham through friends, family, and of course Birmingham Mom Collective. Jenny and her husband Soo-Young have two sons, Michael and Jonathan. She guesses she’s officially a boy mom, and that’s a pretty good thing to be in her book.

Five Tips for Surviving the NICU Rollercoaster

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Meet the Staff :: Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry

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3 Common Skin Issues in Children and When to Seek Treatment

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Summer Reading at Jefferson County’s Public Libraries

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Hoover Met Complex Sports Camps and Open House

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When I Quit Using My Phone in the Car

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Bargain Carousel 2018 :: Be There!!

Have you heard about Bargain Carousel, the largest yard sale in Birmingham? This annual event put on by the Junior League of Birmingham is the place to find anything and everything at amazing prices,...