Jenny Y

Jenny-Lyn was born in Decatur, grew up in Ohio, and moved to Birmingham as a teenager. Her favorite things about Birmingham include sweet tea, the use of Sir and Ma’am, and the way people offer friendly smiles while out and about. Oh, and the food. Jenny’s background is sales and marketing, each of which she enjoys putting to use behind the scenes with Birmingham Mom Collective. After getting married, Jenny moved from Birmingham to Minneapolis where she invites anyone interested to visit around August. She’s strongly connected to Birmingham through friends, family, and of course Birmingham Mom Collective. Jenny and her husband Soo-Young have two sons, Michael and Jonathan. She guesses she’s officially a boy mom, and that’s a pretty good thing to be in her book.

5 Reasons Urgent Care for Children is Your New Go-To

As parents, we all know children don't always nail the timing for things we consider convenient. Babies up all night, toddlers fighting naps, and young children learning to negotiate for a later bedtime are...

Diversity in Children’s Dentistry :: The Heart of Dr. Quyen Ying’s Practice

Children and diversity “Mommy, why do my friends at school keep asking me if I was born in China?” “What did you tell them?” “That I was born in Boston.” “That’s right. Why do you think they asked...

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The Home Dental Care Tips You Need

“Home health care is important because we can only do so much at the dental office. If you’re not doing the leg work at home, nothing we do here is really going to work.”...

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From a Mom Who is Also a Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Quyen Ying, the pediatric dentist behind Liberty Park Children's Dentistry, is a full-time working mom. She was kind enough to share some of her tips for balancing work and family as she grows...

Skin Wellness Dermatology Celebrates 10 Years {and you get to save!}

“I am both excited and in disbelief that ten years have gone by so fast. I’m constantly amazed by what my wonderful staff has worked so hard with me to achieve and proud of...