Jenny Y

Jenny-Lyn was born in Decatur, grew up in Ohio, and moved to Birmingham as a teenager. Her favorite things about Birmingham include sweet tea, the use of Sir and Ma’am, and the way people offer friendly smiles while out and about. Oh, and the food. Jenny’s background is sales and marketing, each of which she enjoys putting to use behind the scenes with Birmingham Mom Collective. After getting married, Jenny moved from Birmingham to Minneapolis where she invites anyone interested to visit around August. She’s strongly connected to Birmingham through friends, family, and of course Birmingham Mom Collective. Jenny and her husband Soo-Young have two sons, Michael and Jonathan. She guesses she’s officially a boy mom, and that’s a pretty good thing to be in her book.

Waste of Money

Not one day in my life have I ever considered needing a Band-Aid organizer. I’ve never taken issue with just having boxes of bandages in that bathroom drawer where they hang out, but the...

I Didn’t Breastfeed Because I Didn’t Want To

It’s taken me years to work up the nerve to write this blog post. My determination to do things my way when I had my babies and offer up no explanations is only matched...

Meet Dr. Jeff Flannery :: Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry

It has been a blast working with Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry since we launched, and they have been a true resource to our audience by taking some of the guesswork out of children's dental...

Birmingham Mom Collective is Hiring {Editor Position}

Birmingham Mom Collective is made up of a team of over 35 local writers who have so much to share with the Magic City! We publish three to four original content pieces per week,...

Car Seat Safety :: What You Need to Know

Car seat safety is a hot topic, as it should be. I spoke with Marie Crew, the Director of Safe Kids Alabama, about the top six mistakes she sees around car seats. Before going...

Mark Your Calendar :: Vintage Market Days is Coming to Birmingham February 18-20

Vintage Market Days of Birmingham Metro is returning this February for their spring event: Pinkies Up! If you have not checked out this unique event, now is the perfect time. Vintage Market Days is...

Fellow White Women, I’m Just Checking In

I don’t really know where to start, so I’ll just jump right in. It’s been a few months since hordes of us white women put up memes with verbiage like, “I will never understand,...

Get to Know Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry

We have had a blast working with Dr. Jeff Flannery and his team at Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry for three years now, and we are excited to help you get to know them better!...

Party with Your Dermatologist {Yes, it’s a thing!}

How fun would it be to gather some friends and hang after hours with a super hip dermatologist who happens to be a master injector? What if bubbly, snacks, and amazing deals were provided?...

A Call to Read Uncle Tom’s Cabin

I bought Uncle Tom’s Cabin as an impulse purchase sometime last year when my husband and I were on a Barnes & Noble date. It was one of those books I’d kind of heard...
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