Jeanna M

Jeanna is a small-town girl originally from rural Livingston, Alabama. After living in Tuscaloosa for 12 years with her polar-opposite husband, they packed everything up for new adventures in Birmingham in November 2018. After spending many years working within the fields of interior and graphic design, Jeanna formed By Design Birth Doula Services in 2017 to encourage and support mothers to discover and use their innate strengths and abilities to achieve their best and most positive birth possible and carry that confidence into parenthood. She considers having the opportunity to do design work from home, take care of her family, and empower and support mothers and families as some of her greatest blessings. When she isn’t chasing her precious little ones (Marin, 3 and Meyer, 1), folding mountains of laundry, designing everything from commercial signs to t-shirts, or helping welcome new babies, Jeanna enjoys trying to beat Fitbit challenges, reading, crafting, writing, exploring new cities (and let’s be honest – food), and just porch sitting with her husband.

What is Running Really Going to Do? {#AhmaudArbery}

Like many others, the video released this week of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery shook me to my core. Initially, I had no words. The sadness, anger, and shame that immediately built up inside...

The Best Children’s Books to Celebrate Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. I love being a mom, but it is incredibly challenging sometimes. I feel like things such as picky eating, potty-training, and toddler tantrums are fairly easy to handle. But...
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Three Quick, Free, and Easy Ways to Make Self-Care Possible Every Day

Self-Care: Is it on your agenda? “How are you doing, Mama?” You don’t have to answer right away; I’ll give you a minute to think about it. I believe that we are fortunate enough to live in...

Grandparent’s Day :: New Ways to Celebrate This Year

From extra sugar (literally - and also kisses if you’re from the South) and relaxed rules to always having a wise perspective and someone on your side, grandmothers and grandfathers often hold a very...

Doulas: They May Not Be Who or What You Think

There has been a little extra hype surrounding the birth world in Alabama in the last few weeks. You may have seen the statement that a Huntsville OBGYN recently released outlining a ban on...

Cultivating Confidence in Kids :: It’s Never Too Early . . . or Too...

Where Words Once Shaped Me I was around three years old when I became aware of my body. I can vividly remember feelings of shame upon hearing that my legs were “chunky,” my front two...

Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Jeanna

Birmingham As a small-town girl from rural Livingston, Alabama, I grew up in a slow-paced, ride your bike to town, climbing trees, wide-open spaces, know everyone, and listen to the crickets at night kind of...
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