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Jaime DeArman

Jaime is a Birmingham native. After graduating with a degree in design and working in the publishing industry, she is now a mom, a travel agent, and a lover of all things Disney. With her daughter, 2 dogs, and a parrot, she resides in Mt. Laurel soaking in all the charm and nature. Connect with Jaime at www.jaimedearman.com.

Parenting Support During Divorce

The United States reportedly holds the third-highest divorce rate in the world. While divorces decreased from 2009 to 2019, we await reports from the CDC to learn how the events of 2020 have affected...

My First Solo-Parent Trip :: A Tactical Guide to Traveling as The Only Parent

I never imagined vacationing as a solo parent. Yet, when I was presented with an opportunity to take my daughter on a vacation, off we went on our first adventure as mom and daughter....

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Jaime D

Birmingham Being a native, I have always called Birmingham our little big city. It is sort of like Goldilocks' “just right” chair. It is not too big or too small. I love knowing we can...
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