Holly L

Holly has spent almost her entire life in Alabama…she can’t count all the things she loves about raising a family in Birmingham! Holly connected with her husband Chris over the groom’s cake at her cousin’s wedding and married exactly two years after their first date 18 years ago. Before having three sweet babies in five short years, Holly and Chris flipped seven houses before Fixer Upper had graced American television sets. A small business owner, Holly is extremely thankful to the wonderful mentors and teachers she has had the opportunity to gain wisdom from throughout her career, some of which she is still learning from 20 years later. She counts her children, Caroline (11), Lily (9) and Harrison (5) as her most treasured gifts. She loves running a small business and teaching her kids “life-lessons” at a young age. If she is not working or enjoying activities with her children, you will find her antique shopping, pouring over decorating magazines, gardening or setting a southern dinner table.

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