Erin K

Erin is a transplant, relocating to Birmingham from the midwest in 2016. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she met her husband Karl while attending Purdue University. They had no idea when they received the opportunity to move south that the city had so much to offer. Together the couple has two girls: Hadley (8) and Allyson (12). Being a mom to two school-aged girls fills her with equal measures of love and anxiety. Erin spends her days, including weekends and most evenings during the school year, in her role managing the marketing and game day efforts for UAB Athletics. When she isn't working in sports, watching sports, or coaching her daughters in their sports, you can find Erin supporting business owners as a marketing and brand strategist. She believes that there is much to be learned from sharing motherhood stories and experiences because no one truly has it all figured out. Visit ErinKraebber.com to connect.

Magic City Celebration Spots :: In & Around Birmingham

As parents, we spend a lot of time (and money) creating the perfect birthday events for our children. But what about when it's time for an adult celebration? Grown-ups deserve to be celebrated too! A...

Schedule Your Way to A More Productive Day

If you find yourself wondering how to feel more successful in your day-to-day time and energy management, you are not alone.  Women, especially mothers, are expert multi-taskers. With many hats to wear, it sometimes feels...

Hand Me Down Hacks

Fall is in the air and temperatures are cooling down. It's time to retire the shorts and tanks for the season. I don't know about you, but the first cool weather of the season...

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Child in Dance

The decision to start an activity for your child is a big one. There are so many great opportunities available for children of all ages and abilities. For many parents, dance is a great...

Passports for Children 101 :: How to Make It Easy

Have you ever had that experience at the DMV where you wait and wait and wait in line, only to get to the front and realize you are missing one piece of necessary paperwork,...
Sunrise at Lewis Smith Lake in Bremen, AL

Enjoying the Lake Life :: Investing in Property at Lewis Smith Lake

The summer of 2020 brought many new experiences into our lives. My social media feeds were filled with unique ideas to keep kids busy, bread-baking, new puppies, Pelotons, and more. We decided this season...
5 Things I Love Most About Moving from the Midwest

Our First Five Years in Birmingham :: Lessons from Midwest Transplants

This March, my family and I are crossing the five-year mark since we moved to Alabama. Five years doesn't seem like all that long of a time period, but it's actually the longest we...

Dressing Kids for Cold Weather

The first eighteen years of my life were spent in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. The great white North. It's still home where I brave the low temps to spend holidays with family.  I absolutely...

A New Way To Repurpose Space for Kids

If this pandemic has you looking for more space inside your home, you are not alone. Recently I tackled a DIY project to provide my daughter with an updated bedroom.  It began with the idea...
Tre Luna is among the Birmingham area restaurants to offer patio dining

30 Outdoor Dining Spots Around Birmingham

On Fridays we dine out. That has been part of the fabric of our family for as long as I can remember. My husband and I both did it with our families growing up,...
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