English B

English comes from a long line of Texans and even though she moved to Alabama for college in 2008, her home state has never left her heart. As a child English knew she was born to be the First Lady of the state of Texas and a mother. On November 8th, 2016 the latter of the two aspirations became a reality. Her precious daughter Penelope Grace (Poppy) is everything she dreamed of and more. Poppy's developing personality and spunk amaze English every day. Although English's husband is not the governor of Texas, he is a dream come true in his own right. Adam swept English off her feet 3 years ago. Pretty suave for a CPA, right? They have had fun learning and growing together over the years. Their fur baby, Lorelei, is a very sensitive and slightly neurotic (it's ok she is medicated) blue tick coonhound whom they love dearly. Life is full of discovery in the Boyd house as the God continues to reveal its plan for them. English lives for open mouth baby kisses and laughter with friends. Although her life is not now nor ever will be perfect, it is filled with love and that is more than she could have ever asked for.

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