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Dori P

Dori is a 36-year-old mommy who lives in Vestavia Hills with her hubby of almost 10 years and their 3 crazy 4-year-old sons. Yep. They're all 4. All boys. She works full time as a college professor and has a serious caffeine addiction. While her parenting approach can best be described as "survivalist", she's just so glad to be in the game after struggling with infertility.

Learning to Read, Learning to Let Go :: Parenting My School-Aged Kid

My son is six years old and learning to read. This sounds hum drum and common place, but it’s turned into a pretty transformative experience for us. Before kindergarten, kid was not very confidant....

Infertility :: The Importance of Finding Your Tribe {Infertility Awareness}

In recognition of National Infertility Awareness Week, we are seeking to raise awareness about this struggle by sharing stories from local moms and a dad who have been in this difficult place, as well...

Love Song to Red Hills Brewing Company {and all places that both serve beer...

My husband and I are creatures of habit. After a long day at work and school on Fridays, we have been known to pile the family in the van and creep over to the...

Unsolicited Advice For My Little Brother And Other Soon-To-Be First-Time Dads

Dear Brother, I remember your birth like it was yesterday. A sweeter more beautiful child has never entered this world. Until now ... because YOU are about to become a father. I've been watching you...

Kindergarten . . . Ready or Not, Here We Come!

My first kid is headed to kindergarten this fall. He’s our oldest, so this is a brave new world for us. I mean, he’s been in preschool since he was two, but this is the...

My Birmingham Summer Bucket List

So, there’s this hot new trend ... the “summer bucket list”. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Moms today are under soooo much pressure to make sure our kids have THE BEST SUMMER EVER!!! It...

Momming With Chronic Illness :: When Sick Gets Real

None of us likes to admit when we're not 100%. I'm working on this. Taking baby steps. Here we go. Sometimes my genetic disorder gets in the way of being all the mom I...

Feeding Your Family? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Dinner time can be a huge source of stress for most moms, especially those who work outside the home. Slave away for the man all day and make magic happen in the kitchen that...

Thanks, Infertility! {Infertility Awareness}

My oldest child turned five this week. It is almost embarrassing how hard we celebrate this kid’s birth. This week was full of gifts, cake, ice cream, and balloons. To mark this special occasion, the...

How to Rock a March/April Weekend in Birmingham With Kids

Y'all, it’s not hot yet in the Ham. The pollen hasn’t even kicked up. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Get those kids outside fast and live it up. Where to go?...
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