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Courtney G

Courtney moved to Birmingham six years ago with the dream of becoming a nurse in the Neonatal ICU. She left behind her five wild brothers but brought along her high school sweetheart, David. David and Courtney got married after their freshman year at UAB at the ripe age of nineteen. They thrived on cans of soup while pursuing their education and working odd jobs. Courtney graduated and landed her dream job in the Neonatal ICU. One year later, her husband also graduated and began working as an Engineer. They now live in Trussville with their 16-month-old son, Noah. Courtney’s hobbies include eating (not to be confused with cooking), being outdoors, traveling with her family, and writing on her personal blog (amindfulmomblog.com). She is passionate about mission work and has been privileged to serve on trips to Tanzania, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Christmas Bucket List :: Things to Do This Christmas Season

The magic of Christmas extends far beyond the few minutes spent opening presents on Christmas morning. In fact, my favorite part of Christmas is all the festivities that happen beforehand and help add to...

Hobbies We Have Explored in Quarantine

My husband and I have lived without a t.v. since we got married over six years ago. It has never really bothered us because we've always had plenty of things to keep us busy....

What Are Open Ended Toys?

Have you seen a child beg for a bright flashing toy, only to play with it momentarily before tossing it aside? This is frustrating for parents who feel their home is covered in toys...

How We Montessori at Home

After reading The Montessori Toddler by Simone Davies, I was inspired to make several changes in our home. One of the many topics discussed in this book is how to set up Montessori-style spaces....

Celebrate Spring :: Birmingham Easter Egg Hunts and Events

Birmingham Easter Egg Hunts and Events Birmingham has so many wonderful opportunities to celebrate Easter. I know I've barely scratched the surface with my list below, especially since most churches have their own services, egg...

I Didn’t Do Anything “Big” This Year

As this year draws to a close, I realized that I didn’t do anything “big” this year. In the past, I’ve shared exciting milestones like getting married, graduating college, buying a house, and having...

To NICU Mamas, From Your Nurse

Dear NICU Mama, Our eyes meet as I walk into the room to introduce myself as your baby’s nurse for the day. You smile politely and secretly wish that I was a familiar face instead...

Tips for Flying with a Baby

My husband and I recently took our seven-month-old son to Oklahoma to meet some of his extended family. I was incredibly nervous about flying with him and had visions of my husband pacing the...

Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Courtney

Birmingham My family was equally shocked and petrified when I first announced my plan to move to Birmingham six years ago. They warned me that Birmingham was basically the size of New York, the...

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