Chris L

Born in Wisconsin, Chris moved South with her family, first to Richmond, Virginia, and then to Birmingham when she was 12. She loves being a girl raised in the South, and her only remaining Midwestern traits are a love for the Packers and a fondness for bratwurst. In 2010, Chris reconnected with Christopher, a former Birmingham-Southern College classmate, after a random meeting in the cereal aisle at Publix. They married in 2011, not realizing that they were bringing together a perfect storm of teenage angst with their three children. Today, Chris is the center support that keeps the seesaw of her family balanced, leading a blended family of three young adults and enjoying an empty nest. Before the pandemic, most days were busy managing client relationships for a corporate event production company, but after six months of unemployment, she has become the parish administrator aka “the church lady” for her church. When she's not working, she loves reading a rich historical novel, volunteering with her sorority, and planning their next wine-tasting excursions.

Mom, Let Go of the Elementary School Woes

“My child got the worst teacher for 4th grade. This is terrible.” “My child’s best friend is now in a different class. She is going to have the worst year.” “My child’s teacher is just not...

The Daddy Way

In my experience, dads see the world differently and parent differently than moms. I don’t want to promote stereotypes. Believe me. I just want to acknowledge that we moms tend to take a more...

Lady Bird :: A Cautionary Tale for Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters. Those relationships are the makings of memorable movie moments. Remember Sally Field forcing Julia Roberts to drink juice even as she despairs her daughter’s choice to have a baby? (Steel Magnolias)....

Leaving Behind What Might Have Been

In honor of my baby boy's 25th birthday, I wanted to share a piece of our mother-son story. Perhaps you'll see your own little one in my grown boy, and perhaps you'll see your...

Celebrating Women {Women’s History Month}

Christine Ann Wenning Byrum Lambert will not be remembered in history books. And I'm okay with that. I'm okay that I won't cure a major disease, win a Pulitzer Prize, be the first woman...

To the Mom with Toddlers: It’s About Me, Not About You

I see you, Mom with Toddlers. I remember those days of always feeling like I was one step away from a catastrophe. I remember never sitting through an entire meal in a restaurant without...

Three Wishes for Moms in the New Year

I just love stories where a magical person appears and grants wishes. Whether it is the genie for Aladdin or the fairy godmother for Cinderella, I hold hope that one day my wishes will...

Ghost of Christmas Past

I wake early on Christmas morning, listening for the excited whispers of the children. “Do you think we can wake them up?” “Can we sneak downstairs?” “Do you think Santa really came?” But there are no whispers now....

Six Lessons from a Soccer Mom

As we close out another soccer season (I’ve lost count of how many), I thought about all the ways being a soccer mom has influenced my relationship with my daughter. We are closing in...

Surviving Halloween :: Costume Confessions of a Non-DIY Mom

Halloween does not light my creative fire. I am strictly a Christmas kind of girl. I am also not crafty, so every Halloween became a struggle between shelling out mega-dollars for a pre-made costume...