Chelsea A

Chelsea Allin (31 years old) was born in Birmingham and both grew up /now resides in south Shelby County. Central Alabama is her home and her heart. She's a new mom to a beautiful baby girl, wife of a chef/restaurant owner, and a full time administrative assistant. To say her schedule is odd and full is an understatement (1 AM bedtimes, anyone?). She's so excited to have the opportunity to be a BMC contributor and connect with other moms to let them know it’s a-ok to not have a concise Instagram worthy schedule and that we truly are all just winging it.

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Chelsea A.

Birmingham The Magic City has been my home for my entire 31 years. In fact, my whole family started here when my great grandparents met on the streets of 5 Points South in the 1930s....
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