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Cassidy C

Cassidy C
Cassidy Cash produces a weekly video series on William Shakespeare on her YouTube Channel, That Shakespeare Girl. She regularly writes articles and personal essays about Shakespeare in both print and digital media. She is passionate about the power of learning and is an obsessive coffee snob. Cassidy and her husband Tim live in Birmingham, AL where they homeschool their two sons and have way more pets than what’s reasonable. Connect with Cassidy on Twitter @cassidycash, @ThatShakespeare or find her writing & drawing at www.cassidycash.com.

7 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as a Family in and Around Birmingham

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner! It's time to bring out your best green shirt, hang some green beads around your neck, and make like the Irish! If you're looking for some...

Teaching Young Kids About Goal Setting

As the new year begins in earnest, I am sitting down mapping out my year in terms of goals for several different life areas in which I want to improve from last year. You're...

5 Ways to Introduce Your Kids to Opera

When we think of opera, you may think of elaborate stage performances like The Marriage of Figaro, or Madame Butterfly and you may not immediately think of opera as a kids' activity. However, when I sat down with...

Eight Literary Gift Ideas That Introduce Kids to Shakespeare

Whether your kids are already literature nuts, or they just enjoy a good comic book, this collection of children's gifts are designed to bring the world of William Shakespeare to colorful life for elementary...

10 Allergy-Friendly Holiday Dishes That Actually Taste Good

As a mom of a child with strict dietary needs, I often feel like an alien walking into a holiday dinner carrying my allergy-friendly dish that people are scared will taste horrible. At the...

What Cinnamon Rolls Taught Me About Consistency and the Only Real Goal You Need...

Have you ever set a goal and felt badly that you didn't reach it? Do you start goals and then feel guilty if you only reach half way? As I’m sitting here eating cinnamon...

Popcorn Nights :: 5 Forgotten Disney Live-Action Comedies That Are Perfect For Family Movie...

Summertime is for lazy days and late nights watching great films as a family. In my house, we pile up on the couch with pillows, snacks, and lots of laughter. If you and your...

The Top 10 Baby Gifts New Moms Really Want

My kids are now 7 and 2, so the baby days are behind me. What I have often said to my husband is that we should have used our baby showers more wisely. We registered...

Redefining What it Means to be a Working Mom

When you picture a working mom, you might typically think of school drop-off, suits, a stuffy commute, a travel mug of coffee, computers, heels, a one-hour lunch break, and a rush at home to...

Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Spring Blackberry Cobbler

One of my son's favorite meals is dessert. :) Ok, so maybe dessert isn't a meal, but he asks if we are going to be able to have dessert at least every other night,...

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