Brittany Leverett

Brittany Leverett is originally from Snellville Georgia but moved to Birmingham with her family in 1999. She attended high school at the newly opened Oak Mountain. Brittany is a 38 year old single mother to two children, Emmett is 5 and Elianna is 1. Her son Emmett was diagnosed with autism in 2022. She and her kids reside in Pelham with her mother. She devotes her time to raising her children and bringing awareness to autism and special needs children. She enjoys reading and writing and all things outdoors.

To My Momma :: Thank You for Showing Me How To Be a Mother

In the coming months I am going to be working on compiling a list of places that I have found, and been told of, that are excellent for the special needs kids in our...

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Brittany L.

Birmingham I am originally from Snellville, Georgia. My family moved here in 1999. It's hard to believe that was 24 years ago! I transferred to Oak Mountain High School & became part of the graduating...
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