Angie D

Though she’s a self-proclaimed Plain Jane White Bread, Angie Davis is anything but boring. She views life as a perpetual treasure hunt, with X's around every corner just waiting to be found. Perusing thrift stores for hidden gems is her favorite way to spend a day, and she carries this passion for seeing beauty amongst clutter into her hobby turned profession of photography. Her unique eye for authenticity not only adds interest to her photographs but also reminds us to slow down and look around in hopes to SEE. See the beauty in the midst of the mess. Angie and her husband Bryan have two boys ages nine and eight, and a six-year-old princess. Her daily routine begins with the get-to-school hustle, followed by a dive into her husband's recliner where mountains are moved, plans are made, and problems are solved in her journal. And with coffee, always coffee. And Wickles Pickles, if the mood strikes.

Solar Eclipse 2017 :: A Day of Wonder

If it wasn't for my husband, I would have been inside folding laundry during the hoopla, the day of the 2017 eclipse. But his fascination for astronomy drove us four hours away to THE...

Not All Who Wander Are Lost :: A Change of Heart in Target

I was wandering through my happy place (Target), Starbucks in hand and smile on my face. The kids were dropped off at school and I had an hour to kill before work and laundry...

Tattered Tights :: Reflections on Easter

She flittered down the hallway to me with a sparkle in her eye that rivaled the ones on her tutu, SO proud to show me her new dance. Once in the kitchen, she hit...

Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Angie

Birmingham Hi! My name is Angie. I grew up in rural Alabama, got a degree in Family and Consumer Science Education at the University of Montevallo, and have lived in Birmingham for the last 10+...
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