Andrea A

Andrea was born and raised in Birmingham in the house that her parents still live in! A private school kid, she married her Highschool sweetheart, Robby, & they both graduated from Auburn University! Immediately after graduation, they moved to California where Andrea worked as an RN. Cali was IT! Backpacking, running, climbing, weekend trips, the big city... you name it, it was everything they wanted. Andrea & Robby were headed in the career direction of their dreams BUT THEN Clara was born! Suddenly, everything, I mean, EVERYTHING changed! Robby & Andrea knew Birmingham was the only place they wanted to raise a family! Now 16 years of marriage, 3 beautiful kids, 4 cats, 2 hamsters & a dog later, Birmingham is still the best place to raise their growing family! Andrea has worked full time, part time & not at all depending on what her family needs. She has homeschooled, co-oped & private schooled her kids. She hates cooking & laundry, loves crafts & cleaning, plays in the dirt, runs races of all distances, teaches group fitness classes at Life Time and adores every minute of life with her family! She screws up a ton and asks forgiveness, she cries & dances with her kids. She mothers her children with honesty and a lot of help from Jesus. She can’t wait to share life’s ever changing journey that is motherhood with you and build each other up in this beautiful Birmingham community!!

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