Amber S

Amber grew up traveling the world as an Army Brat. She now lives in Vestavia Hills with her husband, Russell, and their five children, Eleanor (6), Henry (4), Elisabeth (1) and twins Olivia and Anna (4 months). With three children age one year and under, you could say her life is a little crazy right now. Amber graduated from The University of Alabama with a BS in Food and Nutrition. She is a full-time momma and a part-of-the-time Registered Dietitian. She spends most of her time changing diapers (looooots of diapers), negotiating how many bites each child has left to eat, and chasing and giggling with her little toddlers. She spends her free time trying to convince her children that homemade mac and cheese is actually better than the blue box and that ice cream doesn't really count as a milk substitute (though BlueBell makes a pretty good argument). She also loves spending time with her husband, traveling, cooking, and kicking butt at spin class (too bad her butt hasn’t gotten the memo…!). She is the best online shopper and worst “only buy what’s on the list” shopper. She is an advocate of womanhood, including the divine role of mother. She has learned that if ever given the option to laugh or cry, always choose to laugh.

Don’t YOU Have Your Hands Full!

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Why, Hello There, Pumpkin

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Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Amber

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