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Alli N

Alli N
Alli is a Birmingham native who always knew she wanted to be a mommy to many, but had no idea that would turn into many little boys! While being a "boy mom" was not what she expected, you will now find her trudging through the woods and happily exploring everything "outdoors" with her brood of little men. Happily married to a builder, you might find that her Google searches reveal a never-ending list of home improvements, which leads to lots of screen shots and "Let's do this next" text messages. When not chasing around her boys, you can find her off on a long run, drinking coffee, going out for a girls' night, or wandering the aisles of the most wonderful place on earth, Target.

The Great Shift

My firstborn started middle school this year. Shortly after school started, he turned twelve years old. On the eve of his birthday I did the thing moms do when their babies approach another birthday;...

The Ghost of the Mommy I Used to Be

I saw her walking down the sidewalk on my street. She was pushing a double stroller filled with two toddlers. Strapped to her chest in a baby carrier was a sleeping infant, his tiny...

The Easy Child

This Is Us is a t.v. show that sucked me in from the very first episode. If you have not watched it, let the binge watching begin and don't forget some tissues for all the...

The Death of a Dream

As little girls, many of us picture growing up and meeting the man of our dreams, starting a family, and living a happily-ever-after kind of life. Sure, as we become grown-ups we realize that...


We are deeply grieved by the recent shooting at a Florida high school in which many innocent lives were lost and families were torn apart. As we hug our families tightly, let us remember...

What it Means to Never Have a Daughter

"Its another boy!" I can still hear the surprise and slight disappointment in my sister's voice as she announced the gender of my third-born child. I was already Mom to two precious boys, and this new...

The Great Santa Debate

Growing up, I never knew anyone who didn't do Santa Claus. Yet, when I became a mom myself in 2008, and the Christmas season rolled around, I had a lot of people ask me if...

My Son Had Cancer {Childhood Cancer Awareness}

"Your son has cancer." Never in a million years could I ever have predicted I would hear those words. Never in a million years could I have imagined how much it would hurt to...

Bonding with “Big Kids”

Relationships and "bonds" are in large part formed through time spent together and shared experiences. When you have a new baby, a toddler, or even a preschool-age child, you naturally spend a lot of...

The Family Closet

What the heck is a "family closet"?! Well, my friends, keep reading and let me explain to you the ins and outs of what a family closet is, and why you just might want...

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