Abigail Brock

A Birmingham native with an active, family-centered lifestyle, Abigail Brock has been an educational leader in Shelby County for over 8 years where she lives in Chelsea with her husband, BB and son, LB. She has a passion for meeting the social-emotional wellness needs in the lives of students, families, teachers and staff impacted by the educational system. She has a heart to encourage parents, especially moms, as they navigate each new season of raising preschool and school-age kids. She believes that moms are the glue of the home, but often need some daily TLC as they work to hold it all together!

Teacher Appreciation Week :: Love Languages and Pregnancy

With Teacher Appreciation Month here, there are so many things going on in the lives of teachers. Our bodies are tired, but our hearts are full. I think of the 10ish months we have...

The Best Places to Get Outside with Littles :: In & Around Birmingham

Exploring outdoors became our hobby when everything shut down in 2020. I had an 18-month boy and decided to view the shut down as the perfect time to focus on my diet and exercise....

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Abigail B.

Birmingham I never expected to call Birmingham my “Home Sweet Home.” Growing up in a family of farmers from Dothan, one-room schoolhouse teachers from Arkansas, and country preachers from Mobile, I ended up being raised...
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