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One of our jobs as parents is to teach our children to become contributing members of society. We expose them to various activities to help them learn different skills and determine their strengths and weaknesses. When we notice that they have certain skills, we look for ways to nurture them so they can continue learning and growing. This is particularly true when we notice that a child has the potential to be a good leader. In the Birmingham area, there are several teen leadership activities for youth looking to develop their leadership skills along with other young people in the area.

A good teen leadership program allows youth to learn about different aspects of being a leader. It offers team-building activities, public speaking opportunities, fun games, leadership training, and personal growth. Expert group leaders guide participants through conflict resolution, building communication skills, and other life experiences that will benefit student leaders.

Why should I get my teen involved in leadership activities?

They say, “great leaders are born,” but great leaders can also be made. Developing your adolescent’s skills through leadership games, creative thinking activities, and leadership workshops is an excellent way for them to learn some important skills that they can use to be great leaders as they get older.

Birmingham has many successful leaders who give back to the community by providing unique opportunities for students to build healthy relationships while networking and learning to become influential leaders in their schools and neighborhoods.

What makes a good teen leadership program?

Choosing the right leadership program for your teen is important. You’ll want to ensure that the training program you select will equip your teen with the fundamental skills needed to become a confident leader. The program should also give young adults chances to gain valuable experience in the following areas:

  • Learning from experienced team leaders with proven leadership skills.
  • Interaction with other team members through group activities and projects.
  • Discussions in small and large groups.
  • Opportunities to reflect on their leadership style and learn from leaders with different styles.
  • Participation in group games.
  • Guidance with learning to set goals.

The teen leadership activity that you choose should be one that your child will not only enjoy, but will ultimately help him or her become a better leader.

Leadership Programs for Youth in Birmingham, Alabama

Girls Inc. of Central Alabama

Sponsored by the Junior League of Birmingham, Girls Inc of Central Alabama is a college and career readiness program for high school students. Participants meet twice a month to take advantage of many different opportunities. They go on college tours, engage in professional development workshops, join character education sessions, perform community service, and more.

There are opportunities for participants to receive local and national scholarships upon successfully completing this program.

YouthServe Birmingham

Two organizations merged back in the 1990s to form YouthServe Birmingham. The result was a premiere organization for youth in the Birmingham area. These teens share a common goal of developing their leadership potential and networking with community members to serve in ways that will have the most impact. Alumni of YouthServe Birmingham have not only made new friends and improved their leadership abilities through the program, but they have also had real-life experiences that will help them in the future.

Youth Leadership Forum of Birmingham

Youth Leadership Forum is one of the most popular leadership development programs in the Birmingham area. High school sophomores and juniors with strong leadership qualities are nominated to apply to this program based on their contributions to the community, commitment to personal leadership development, and other criteria. In addition to great opportunities to serve the community, students gain valuable social skills and build relationships with like-minded peers. Interested youth are encouraged to nominate themselves for this great program.

Alabama Youth Leadership Development Program

Launched by the Greater Alabama Council of Boy Scouts of America in 2008, Alabama Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP) partners with high schools in the area to select students to represent their schools in this program. YLDP connects with college partners to provide unique team-building activities, community volunteer opportunities, and training programs to develop young leaders. This program also has a strong focus on character-building.

YLDP boasts its efforts to commit scholarships to the top students in the program who demonstrate the highest character throughout the program.

Other Leadership Programs for Teens in the Birmingham Area

Check out these great programs to find the perfect one for your young leader! 

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