My Take on the Itzy Ritzy Feeding Support Pillow (And Why You’re Going to Want One!)

We are happy to introduce you to an amazing new product from Itzy Ritzy! In exchange for a complimentary feeding pillow, the author has provided her honest review.

The Need of the Hour

The pillow arrived!!

The newest addition to our family had just arrived: a four-day-old sweet bundle of all things that smell powdery and baby-y (swoon). Like all babies, the constant need for snuggles and feeding was present. Of course, I didn’t mind. However, when I was approached about trying out a new concept feeding support pillow [to make my life easier], I was all on board. I am always looking for ways to make life more convenient and, well . . . comfortable. Enter the Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss Infant Feeding Support Pillow. It is touted as being the perfect positioner with complete arm support, while providing burping and reflux relief for the baby.

First Impression

Daddies can use it, too!

In all honesty, when I first took the pillow out of its box, I was a little surprised by its look and shape! It has an arm hole that you insert your forearm through to help stabilize the pillow, as well as to provide the advertised complete arm support. Your forearm is fully supported underneath (hello, comfort!), as well as between you and the baby. It also allows enough room for your hand to extend through to support the baby and to allow continued direct contact. The pillow is cushioned well enough to allow a comfortable position for the baby, while keeping the baby’s head above feet in order to provide aid with any reflux issues. 

The position of the baby on the pillow is about breast level, which is very convenient for breastfeeding mamas, as well as for formula-feeding mamas like me. Because of this height, it provides amazing support for the upper back. The days of leaning hunched over to insert your breast into your baby’s mouth or to bottle feed a baby sitting on your lap are gone. You can now sit upright and comfortably while feeding. My husband was able to use the pillow just as comfortably as I, which is always a plus. The arm hole is large enough, but snug enough, to provide room and support for any sized arm, with a stay-cool inner lining that keeps your arm oh-so-comfortable. It is also fairly compact and therefore more convenient to take while traveling than a larger pillow, per se, though it is not quite compact enough to place inside a diaper bag or purse. It comes in a very neutral cool gray color with an attractive pattern that is sure to suit most tastes. 

Some Drawbacks (and Adjustments You Can Make)

My first trial using the pillow . . . positioning a newborn was initially a challenge for me, but I figured it out!

With any pros, there are also some cons. I did initially have some difficulty keeping our newborn mainly on the pillow and not sliding down off of it into my lap. (In all fairness, my husband did not have as much difficulty, which we attributed to his larger frame and ability to stretch more of his arm through the hole! I’m 5’6″; he’s 6’3″.) However, I’ve found that as my son has gotten older and larger, this is not as much of an issue. The pillow does also allow for rotation to adjust its height and support, depending on the hold. I simply had to figure it out by trial and error.

Second, the arm hole for complete arm support is very nice (as stated earlier); however, the need to remove my arm from the hole to re-position my baby or to turn him over to burp proved somewhat cumbersome at times. As it turns out, my sweet little guy likes to burp more than once during a feeding. By cumbersome, I mean that I simply had to remove my arm from the hole to grab my baby fully and then turn him over onto the pillow to utilize the support to burp during feeding. So, it’s not hard to do; it’s just not always super convenient. However, as my husband discovered, you can also utilize the arm hole for elbow support and still sit comfortably holding the baby.

Lastly — this one noticed by my husband, who has an aversion to all things baby explosion (read: poop, spit up, projectile anything) — there is no washable, removable cover. 

Final Impression

My overall experience with the Itzy Ritzy Milk Boss Infant Feeding Pillow has been very positive. I would certainly recommend the pillow to any of my friends who are looking for a more comfortable experience while feeding their little ones. It definitely improves comfort, as well as provides more time for bonding. I believe it will certainly provide the much needed support for which any new mom is looking and prove to be very beneficial during those precious feeding times. 

Thank you, Itzy Ritzy, for this innovative product that provides convenience and comfort for new parents!