You Can Do It, Kid! :: Being Confident Going Back to School


Dear Kids,  

Back to school looks and FEELS a little different after the year we’ve had and there are a lot of big feelings involved. Those big feelings are about everything from growing up to handling all the changes in this pandemic. While navigating those feelings may be hard, there are some things that you all should know as you move through the year.  

YOU are special! 

The pandemic did not take away your sparkle and shine. You are special and everything inside of you is special. Things are changing but that doesn’t change how special you are!  

You can do HARD THINGS! 

You have already done hard things and a new school year is no different. Here’s a secret: hard things become less hard when you keep practicing. Consistency is key!  

Your thoughts CONTROL the things you do! 

Every day we have tons of thoughts that are good and bad and we choose which thoughts to keep and which ones to throw away. That means YOU, tiny human, are in control. You can tell yourself all the GOOD things and give them ALL the space in your head to keep your day positive.

Lastly… It’s OK to not be OK!  

You are HUMAN and being a human is not always fun or easy. It’s okay for you not to be okay some days and it’s okay for you to say it OUT LOUD!!!! There are loved ones like your parents and friends and supportive people like a therapist who can help you figure out your feelings and help you learn to cope. There is space for you.  

Going to school may be different, but Kid you’ve got this, Mom you’ve got this, and we are all in it together!